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3'-6" to 7'-8" Working Widths
Valentini 'L' Series Rock & Stone Crushers,
Asphalt Grinders & Milling Machines, Soil Stabilizers

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Valentini L1500 Recovering Wasteland In One, Beautiful & Efficient Pass!


As with ALL Valentini Crushers, the 'L' Series has been Providing Superior Single Pass Results in All Applications: Land Reclamation, Agriculture (Row Crop Fields, Produce Rows, Pastures, Seed Bed Preparation, Horticultural Benches & Rows, Vineyards, Orchards, Groves, etc.), Roadway Maintenance & Paving (Gravel & Chip Seal Roads, Asphalt Roads & Highways), as well as Rough or Finish Grading in Pre & Post Construction Applications. From Rock & Stone Crushing, Stump Mulching, Soil Shredding, Soil Stabilization, and Asphalt Pulverizing/Grinding, Valentini Crushers Have Been CRUSHING IT for Decades!!!

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Valentini L1500 Crusher Grinding & Milling Frozen Manure & Ice In A Frozen Feed Lot!

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Beautiful, Fertile Ground Reclaimed in a Single Pass with the Valentini L1800 Crusher

Valentini Teeth
Valentini's Carbide 'Bullet Style Teeth'
For The Most Severe Conditions, Including Milling!
Efficiently 'Chevron Patterned' with Anvil Counter Crushing Bar & Secondary Reducing Grid

Crusher Teeth Crusher Teeth-2
Valentini's Multi-Purpose Carbide 'Rock & Wood Bits'
For Stone Crushing, Finer Mulching of Wood Debris, and Sandy, Abrasive Soil Conditions!
Multi-Speed Gearbox For Superior Performance in Universal Applications!

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Valentini Double Transmission L2300DT With Hydraulically Operated Rear Gate For 'On-The-Fly'
Control of Opening/Closing to Control Fragment Size & Ground Speeds!

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Valentini L2300DT With Hydraulically Operated Rear Gate For 'On-The-Fly' Control of Diminishing Chamber
Gate & Also Hydraulically Controlled Rear Packer Roller For Efficient & Convenient 'On-The-Fly' Working Depth Adjustment!

Valentini Crusher Crushing
'L' Series Rock Crusher with Road Grader Blade Dressing a Gravel Road in One Efficient Pass!

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