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3'-6" to 9'-4" Working Widths
Valentini 'VN' Series Rock & Stone Crushers,
Asphalt Grinders & Milling Machines, Soil Stabilizers

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Valentini VN2500DT With Hydraulically Controlled Packer Roller,
Hydraulically Controlled Rear Gate, and Height Adjustable Skid Shoes.
Use the Hydraulically Controlled Packer Roller for 'On-The-Fly' Working Depth Control.
Use the Hydraulically Controlled Rear Gate for 'On-The-Fly' Control of the Diminishing Chamber:
The More the Gate is Closed, the Smaller the Particles, But the Greater Demand, and Slower Ground Speed,
The More the Gate is Opened, the Larger the Particles, and Less Demand, and Faster Ground Speed!


As with ALL Valentini Crushers, the 'VN' Series has been Providing Superior Single Pass Results in All Applications: Land Reclamation, Agriculture (Row Crop Fields, Produce Rows, Pastures, Seed Bed Preparation, Horticultural Benches & Rows, Vineyards, Orchards, Groves, etc.), Roadway Maintenance & Paving (Gravel & Chip Seal Roads, Asphalt Roads & Highways), as well as Rough or Finish Grading in Pre & Post Construction Applications. From Rock & Stone Crushing, Stump Mulching, Soil Shredding, Soil Stabilization, and Asphalt Pulverizing/Grinding, Valentini Crushers Have Been CRUSHING IT for Decades!!!

Valentini Crusher Crushing

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Valentini VN2500DT Rock Crusher Reclaiming Rock Plagued, Fallow But Fertile Primitive Ground
'In One Efficient Pass' in Demanding Conditions!

Valentini Crusher Crushing

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Bullet Style Carbide Teeth in an Efficient Chevron Pattern

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Top View (From Tractor Cab) of The Valentini VN2500DT Stone Crusher

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Valentini's Multi-Purpose Carbide 'Rock & Wood Bits'
For Stone Crushing, Finer Mulching of Wood Debris, and Sandy, Abrasive Soil Conditions!

Crusher Teeth Crusher Teeth-2
Valentini's Carbide 'Bullet Style Teeth'
For The Most Severe Conditions, Including Milling!
Efficiently 'Chevron Patterned' with Anvil Counter Crushing Bar & Secondary Reducing Grid

Valentini Teeth

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Valentini 'VN 2500DT' Side View: Roller Down, Side Skid Shoes Retracted

Valentini Crusher Crushing
Valentini 'VN 2500DT' Side View: Roller Up, Side Skid Shoes Extended:
Left & Right Side Plate Cutouts Are For Access To Skid Shoe Reract-Extend Adjustment

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