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83" Stone, Vegetation, Residue Burier-Inverter: Bury Solids - Leave Dirt! Model Iris 2000

Valentini 83" 3-Point Soil Renovator


Availability:: Usually Ships in 1-4 Weeks
Product Code: IRIS2000



  • Heavy Duty, Large Sump, Italian Made Oil Bath Gear Box & Side Gear Drive.
  • Rear 'Mesh Roller' for Soil Conditioning & Height Adjustment.
    • Standard Height adjustment is manual.
      • Optional Hydraulic height adjustment is available.
    • The 'Extra Wide' Mesh Roller is wider than the Burier's working width to compress Side Ridges of Soil.
    • Packer Rollers are available.
  • Burier Includes a 540RPM Shear Bolt Protected PTO Shaft.
  • Bury Rocks, Stones, Sod, Vegetation, etc., and leave a groomed, finished & conditioned Seed Bed/Upper Soil Surface:
    • See above sample video for performance reference.
  • This Burier is the most efficient, single pass attachment for:
    • Seed Bed Preparation, Sod Inversion, etc.
    • Inverting Vegetation/Organic Matter (sod, cover crops, green manure, chicken litter, livestock manure, etc.):
      • Substitute for Discing, Harrowing, Power Raking, Pulverizing, Tilling, Cover Crop Terminating, etc.
    • Post construction clean-up, soil preparation for grading, landscaping, etc.
    • Land/Soil Reclamation.
    • Rock & Stone Management:
      • Max. +/-4" diameter, subject to concentration.
    • In Equestrian/Horse Arenas, Paddocks, Race/Practice Tracks, etc. afflicted with rocks, stones, etc.
    • On Dirt Racing Tracks for Moto-Cross/Dirt Bikes, Sprint Cars, Demo Derby Racing, Flat Tracks, etc.
  • Clevis Style, Category 2, 3-Point is Quick Hitch Compatible!
  • 540RPM Gearbox Rated for 50 to 120HP.
  • Tills an 83" Wide Path.
  • Overall width is 91".
  • Working depth is 10"!
  • Rotor has 11 Flanges for a Total of 48 Blades:
    • 6 Blades per Flange on 7 Center Flanges.
    • 3 Blades per Flange on 2 Outside Flanges.
    • Each Outside Flange has 1-Straight Cutter Blade & 1-Inside Cutter Blade in Addition to 3-Standard Blades.
  • Burier Weighs 1520lb's.
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change w/o notice.