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Rotary Tiller w/Packer Roller, Heavy Duty H2300 93", 3-PT, PTO: 100HP

Valentini H2300, 93" Tractor Tiller with Packer Roller


Availability:: Usually Ships in 1-4 Weeks
Product Code: H2300_PACKERROLLER



  • Valentini Uses Italian Made Gearboxes with the Largest Sumps for Cooler Operation & Longer Life!
  • Side Gear Drive System is in an Oil Bath Gear Box.
  • To protect Rotor seals, Internal Scraper Blades (on each outside Flange) are Standard, and prevent Material from wrapping on the Rotor Edges.
  • Manually adjusted Packer Roller provides excellent means of Depth Control (superior to skid shoes) & also provides Soil Conditioning!
    • Optional Hydraulic Adjustment is Available for $1250.00.
    • Roller includes Mud Scraper as shown.
  • Tiller Includes a 1-3/8", 6 Spline 540RPM, Shear Bolt Protected PTO Shaft!
  • Sample Video is Not the 'H' Series Tiller, but the 'U' Series Tiller w/Roller.
  • Clevis Style, Category 2, 3-Point is Quick Hitch Compatible!
  • 540RPM Gearbox is Suitable for 65 to 100HP.
  • Tills a 93" Wide Path.
  • Overall Width is 101".
  • Working Depth is 10"!
  • Rotor has 10 Flanges & Total of 54 Blades!
    • 6 Blades per Flange on 8 Center Flanges.
    • 3 Blades per Flange on 2 Outside Flanges.
      • Each Outside Flange has 1-Straight Cutter Blade & 1-Inside Cutter Blade in addition to 3-Standard Blades.
  • Tiller Weighs 1294lb's (less PTO Shaft, Pallet/Crating, etc.).
  • Packer Roller weighs 991lb's (less Pallet/Crating, etc.).
    • Packer Roller Drum is 13" Diameter, and Overall Diameter is 19".
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change w/o notice.